About Vakaturemarkt

We at Vakaturemarkt personnel services strive trough perfection. The way that we work always goes beyond the standard in business. We stay in contact with our employees and our clients to create a professional and personal touch. Therefore we are a small family company with big goals in life. We are doing our at most best to make the right connection between employees and company’s. Even if it is just for one day or longer term employment. Throughout the selection period we keep in mind that the company culture fits with our employees. Motivation, education and competence are standing as a basis factor in this selection.

Headquarter in Zwaag provides;

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 09:00 am to 05:30 pm CET

If you wish to make a appointment in the weekend or at night please contact us to schedule this. We like to say that we are open for business 24h a day 7 days a week.


After several years Hetty Vendeloo was working as office manager she decided to buy out the main owner. In 2004 she started on her own with Vakaturemakrt personnel services. With her husband Ferno Henar. She has created a healthy and busy company that is growing to be a real family company. Things were going well in fact so well that we hired a back office Pay for People. We where already NEN certified but with Pay for People we are now globally certified in our field of business. So we are more able now to do our job and that is connecting people in finding the right employees for the right company’s.

Extra information

If you are interested in one of our job offers you can register on the website (inschrijven) you find template and you can upload your resume. Or if you found a job in the listing you can apply directly and than upload your resume.

Keep in mind that for most of our clients Dutch is required A1-A2 level this regarding working with colleagues especially for construction workers on the work floor is Dutch most common for communication. In the Netherlands it is required by law to complete or have a valid Safety, Health and Environmental certificate (VCA certificate) for construction workers or engineers.

We are looking forward to see you’re application, if you find it to difficult to find the right information on our website or have other questions call us! 0031 229 56 3021